Excelo Milk SRL was establish in 2001 and is specialized in production and trading of standard dairy powders and high-quality powdered milk preparation.
Our products are used in many segments of the food industry such as the production of ice cream, sweets , chocolate, biscuits , waffles , bakery , pastries, dairy processed products and others.
By using our products the customers receive the highest quality in the market, and at the same time reduce their costs to achieve higher profitability.
We are available at any time to develop tailor made products according to customer's requirements .
Therefore we can manufacture both, under our own brand “ExceloMilk” and under customer's own brand.

Our range of products includes the following assortments:
- Skimmed Milk Powder ADPI Extra Grade
- Skimmed Milk Powder Blends
- Full Cream Milk Powder ADPI Extra Grade
- Full Cream Milk Powder Low Protein
- Fat Filled Milk Powder
- Sweet Whey Powder
- Demineralized Sweet Whey Powder
- Whey Permeate
- Demineralized Whey Permeate
- Lactose

From the very beginning, we are using the most advanced production technologies that allow us the manufacturing at the highest quality standards.
Our laboratory is equipped with essential and high quality devices for testing the row material and our products.
Quality is measured and monitored at every stage of the production process in accordance with HACCP and ISO 22000:2005.